Why All The Required Fields?!

I've tried out a lot of different property management software and one thing that really irritates me is how many fields are required to just get something in the system.

It Shouldn't Be Hard

If I just rented a unit and want to store a lease document in the system why do I have to enter the tenant's title and email address before I can add the person? What if I don't have those right now? I can't add the person into the system? I have to enter a fake one and come back and fix it later?

In one software solution there are over 10 required fields to add a property. Why can't I just name it, add the documents, photos, or notes I want to get stored and organized and come back and add the other details as I see fit?

How About Just One Required Field?

GovernRent only needs a name for a property, you don't even need the address. Type in "Green House" click submit and you're able to add related data to that property; data that you do have on hand. You get to choose when and what data you want to enter.

A Good Example

When you're trying to document actions on a property you don't own and aren't familiar with, like one you just found, walked through and took photos. Add a new property named "house by the fire station" and you can add your inspection photos, seller details, notes, etc. When you find the details on the house you can go back and add them.

It's all In A Name

This works for almost everything in GovernRent, in most cases you just need a name. This name is used all over the system to identify the record. In our experience this just works better by allowing you to work in the manner that makes sense to you. We're not going to block you from adding a unit because you don't know the square footage.

GovernRent is the best software to quickly and easily keep your real estate rental data organized and accessible.