Pick Your Own Path

The internet is full success stories and true or not it's easy to compare yourself to them. Maybe you want the same success, or think you can do better, but is that what you really want?

Where Are They Really?

You can see the outcome of their success, but only what they share. Maybe there are some great benefits that they don't talk about, but there are also negatives. Sometimes those negatives catch up and destroy their success, but we don't often here about those times. When you compare your success against theirs is it a fair comparison?

The Problem With Following

Following advice and wisdom is fine but trying to replicate somebody else's success is a fool's errand. You aren't starting in the same place, you aren't going to have the same opportunities. You might even have better opportunities but they won't be the same. You're not going to have the resources or network of people. You aren't going to have the same skill set or personality.

You Don't Have To Wonder Though

Learning about others and knowing the opportunities they took and the mistakes they made can certainly help you choose the right fork in the road when you get to a similar one, but you have to apply that knowledge to the road you're on.

Be Your Own Light

Trying to do what someone else has done to be successful is going to leave you walking in their shadow (maybe forever) and that's not a healthy place to be. Carry your own light and make your own path. Your progress is an accomplishment to where you came from and not just another step behind somebody else. Seek the journey that makes you happy and don't think you can only enjoy it once you find your destination.