60 Quick Tips For Landlords
  1. Stick to your lease
  2. Screen Tenants
  3. Don't be Nice, Be Fair and Firm
  4. Don't get involved with tenant's personal affairs
  5. Don't give tenants a 3rd chance
  6. Avoid renting to friends and family
  7. Treat your rentals like a business
  8. Prioritize your todo list
  9. Learn from other's mistakes
  10. Don't be too eager to rent, picking a good tenant is important
  11. Don't replace carpet with carpet
  12. Take care of your property
  13. Document Everything
  14. Check out GovernRent.com
  15. Mind your emotions during a purchase
  16. Mind your emotions during an eviction
  17. Make it easy for tenants to upkeep things
  18. Be consistent with tenants
  19. Get all agreements in writing
  20. Be honest with tenants (and in general)
  21. Tenants aren't your enemy (landlords vs tenants)
  22. Don't pretend you don't own the property
  23. Have reserves
  24. Don't invest in markets you don't know
  25. Don't rent to anyone you're not willing to evict
  26. Take pride in providing a home to someone
  27. Do routine inspections
  28. Use the same paint in every unit
  29. Remember it's a rental when remodeling
  30. Know what tenants are looking for in a rental
  31. Set clear expectations with tenants up front, before they move in or sign a lease
  32. Screen tenants before letting them view the property
  33. The purchase is the best place to make money
  34. Don't fall for sad stories
  35. Don't let a tenant rush you
  36. Be flexible with your payment terms
  37. Be flexible with your payment methods
  38. Know when to hire and when to DIY
  39. Don't let a major setback keep you down
  40. Learn the rental laws where you rent
  41. When buying: Location matters
  42. When buying: Floor plans matter, they are hard to change
  43. Be willing to adopt to the market
  44. Don't chase Zero money down strategies
  45. Deals aren't done until they're done
  46. Carry an extra roll of TP
  47. Hire experts that will teach you
  48. Real estate is long term investment
  49. Real estate is not a liquid investment
  50. Show gratitude to those that help you
  51. Check your spelling in ads, posts, leases, communications
  52. Don't try to tweak the numbers to make a deal work
  53. Do your own research, blind trust can get you in trouble
  54. Don't take no for an answer
  55. Be careful who you take advice from, get it from multiple sources
  56. You don't need a Guru
  57. Don't be afraid to negotiate
  58. Make decisions based on numbers, not emotions
  59. Create win-win situations
  60. Go to bed at a reasonable time