What Exactly is GovernRent?

GovnerRent is a record keeping system built for property owners, investors, and landlords.

Yeah, thanks but I already have a record keeping system.

You probably do, which can make GovernRent a hard sell. We had a system too, that we used for many years, but it had some problems.


  1. Hard to use on mobile phones.
  2. Cells don't display text very well.
  3. You can't store leases and inspection photos in them.
  4. They get harder to manage over time as you try to keep track of more things and add more properties.


  1. Organizing files into folders takes some creativity, then you have to remember your naming and hierarchy scheme. "Do I start with property names, tenant names, years?"
  2. You find yourself wanting to put copies of files in different folders (depending on your folder design).
  3. Folder designs are hard for somebody else to use until they have the scheme memorized.
  4. Files in folders are separated from their related data. Lease document is in a folder, payment history, expenses, notes, and everything else is in a spreadsheet or another system.

Accounting Software

  1. Most accounting software isn't straightforward to use for landlords. Most take a lot of time and training to get setup before they are useful and it's hard to know if you're doing it right.

What is a better system?

GovernRent combines elements of spreadsheets, online file storage, wikis, and a relational database to capture and present data in a unique way that makes your data easily accessible. Things have been thought out and setup for you by veteran landlords.

How can GovernRent Help you?

  1. You can have one system to keep your records in.
  2. It doesn't take long to learn how it works then you can find everything super fast.
  3. It lets you more easily collaborate with a partner or spouse.
  4. It will help you understand your business and investments better.
  5. It will help you be more organized and will save you time operating your business.

The Controversial Parts

  1. You have to enter everything manually. No Artificial intelligence that's right most (or some) of the time. You need to record things as they happen or sit down in the evening and have a glass of your favorite drink while you reflect on your day.
  2. There is a monthly service cost. We don't sell your data, your tenant's data, or sell products that we skim a little off the top of each transaction. Your payment is a show of appreciation for the work we do. It pays for services needed to support GovernRent and it pays for upkeep and development of new features.
  3. It's only online. You need an internet connection to use GovernRent. Some people aren't warm to that idea, but it has a lot of advantages. It's more accessible; you can work with your data on the device and location of your choice and easily change when it suits you. It is very secure. Data is backed up very frequently. If you drop your laptop or a thunderstorm takes out your computer you don't lose any data.

The Super Neat Part

We're not a venture capital backed startup needing to get the most users possible. We're self funded and like to help people that are on a similar path as we're on investing in real estate. We're accessible and we value your feedback. We love hearing from you!