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Hello, my name is Billy and I started GovernRent. My Wife and I are real estate investors and landlords. We work a lot and solve problems every day. Some personal, some business. I started GovernRent as a way to help solve our own problems and to share the solutions with other investors, like you.

GovernRent App

GovernRent is an App to help you keep track of your data and files. It is designed to be one place to store all of your operational data. It provides quick access to all your data on mobile. Everything is linked together so it self organizes, you can find things much easier than other, separate platforms.

You can share your GovernRent with your partner and/or spouse making it much easier to collaborate and have shared access to all the same data. Make sure to check the app out (there is a link at the top of this page). If you're serious about getting organized and having good documentation GovernRent is a perfect fit. Use the in-app help button to contact me for any reason.

GovernRent Blog

I started to blog to share experiences, offer advice I've learned throughout the years, and maybe provide some thought provoking (or at least entertaining) content.

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-Billy, Founder of GovernRent

The GovernRent Team