Find Your Data in GovernRent

The side navigation has expandable groups of data models you can store data in. Think database tables or a spreadsheet. One for your properties, one for units, one for rooms, one for leases; you get the idea. They have defined columns of data and can have many rows of data (the really cool part is shown further down).

Anything with a lot of data is harder to display on small screens but Everything in GovernRent scales so it's usable on mobile. You never know when you need access to your data. If you're anything like us, you're not just sitting in your office all day!

Each Row Creates it's own Page

This is the cool part! When you click on the name of most items in GovernRent you are taken to it's page. It's details are listed here but also all of the related data in the system.  

For a property you can see your units, leases, and so much more. Looks at all the related data sections you can add (purple arrows below). When you click on a section button it opens like the the Todo list and Actions (green arrows). It's easy to remember which page you're on with the blue header (red arrow).

The Magic

Say you want to find a lease. You can search on the leases page, you can see a list of leases for a specific unit by going to the unit's page. You can see a list of leases by a person by going to their page (which shows all their leases even if they where in different units).

Thinking in Point of Views

You could think of a page as a point of view for that item. Go to a person's page and you can see their labor logs, their leases, their transactions. Go to a Properties or Owners page and you can see things from their point of view, the data that only relates to that item.

A page is really just showing you linked data with a filter applied, but it really helps you get the job done when you have a lot of data and quickly want to only see what applies to your task at hand.

Try it out! We think you'll really enjoy using GovernRent once you have your data in there and you've taken it around the block a few times. It's very power organizational software for landlords!